Transworld Haunted Attraction Show 2014

A few props, masks and animatronics that were shown at the Transworld Haunted Attraction Show in March 2014.

This event showcases merchandise for the Halloween and haunt industry.


Halloween props and decorations…

Halloween is almost upon us! Each year we spend a great deal of time creating props and building scenes for our annual party.

Here is a quick video to display some of the props and effects we set up last year.

Gangnam Style – West Point

My alma mater (West Point) has made an entertaining tribute to Psy’s Gangnam Style.

Well done Cadets! Beat Navy!!!

Exploding pumpkin!

What better way to kick off the Halloween season than to blow up a pumpkin? The 3rd shot evaporated the unlucky gourd!

5D Mark III Slow-Mo video test…

This was really just a opportunity to watch my nephews throw things at each other’s head!

I actually did want to test the 5D Mark III using the 60fps setting for video. I used Final Cut X to slow down the video. I played with the optical flow option but that gives the video a strange look. I’d still like to try out Twixtor to see how much I can slow this down without significant distortion.

Night time-lapse video

Here is a quick time-lapse video I did while traveling in Mesa, AZ last week. Shot with a Nikon D5100.

Halloween pre-party video…

Now that Halloween is over I can catch my breath. We had a fantastic Halloween party this year at a 10,000 sq ft mansion (The Rockwell Estate).

This will probably be our last party to host so we wanted to get a bit creative and make a pre-party video to get everyone in the halloween mood. The intro for the HBO series True Blood was the obvious inspriation for this.

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