Our normal holiday gatherings always include and action shot or two!


Kicking snow!

Kicking snow! by Michael Klee (mkleephoto) on
Kicking snow! by Michael Klee


Push! by Michael Klee (mkleephoto) on
Push! by Michael Klee

The boys messing around!

More fun!

4th of July 2011 – Red Roof Lodge

Pretty impressive backflip!

4th of July 2011 – Red Roof Lodge

Another great holiday weekend with friends and family at the Red Roof Lodge!

Group Portrait at the Red Roof Lodge!

My family and friends have a few gatherings each year at the Red Roof Lodge in Leavenworth, WA. We’ve been coming here for about the last 10 years and it ‘s been an amazing process to watch the property develop. The pool is absolutely fantastic and overlooks the entire valley!

Over the years we try to take a group portrait when we get together each summer and winter. Our group shots have grown significantly over the years as friends and family find out how cool this place is.

 This photo is from last summer. I’m the guy standing on the far left. I had to trigger the camera and still be able to run around the pool and get in the photo before the shutter went off.

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