Nikon D600 Time Lapse

A quick video to test the Time Lapse feature in the Nikon D600 (not the intervalometer) that will automatically combine the images in camera and output a video file (. MOV). Used with the Nikon 18-35mm lens.

This was shot through a hotel window in Denver so image quality is slightly degraded.


Kicking snow!

Kicking snow! by Michael Klee (mkleephoto) on
Kicking snow! by Michael Klee

The Pests – A Stop Motion Animation project.

I shot a short, goofy project to test stop motion animation this past weekend.

2 teenage boys annoy a man watching football on TV and pay the consequences!

Shot with a Nikon D700 and a Nikon 24-70 lens. It took about 1000 frames for the 1 minute of video footage.

Click the link below to see footage from our test.

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