Our normal holiday gatherings always include and action shot or two!


Bright Stars

Here’s a starry landscape photo that I shot in Eastern Washington in May of 2012. I had forgotten I had even taken this pic until I came across it today.

Bright stars by Michael Klee (mkleephoto) on
Bright stars by Michael Klee

5D Mark III Slow-Mo video test…

This was really just a opportunity to watch my nephews throw things at each other’s head!

I actually did want to test the 5D Mark III using the 60fps setting for video. I used Final Cut X to slow down the video. I played with the optical flow option but that gives the video a strange look. I’d still like to try out Twixtor to see how much I can slow this down without significant distortion.

Cold water!

Water is still too cold in Seattle but he got soaked anyway.

Cold water! by Michael Klee (mkleephoto) on
Cold water! by Michael Klee

5D Mark III – Studio shot

I recently took a few shot’s of a friend who is a musician. It was a great chance to test out the new 5D Mark III in a studio setting.

In the limited testing I have enjoyed using the camera. Small features have impressed me, like having the autofocus point switch to a different spot based on how you are holding it (normal or portrait). So far I really like using the new body and look forward to putting it through its paces.

Guitarist by Michael Klee (mkleephoto) on
Guitarist by Michael Klee

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