Quick Canon 60D review and video test…

I’m currently a Nikon shooter (D700) but was looking for a smaller lightwight body for everyday use as well as video. I tried the D7000 but but for some reason that camera and I never “clicked”. 😀

So last week I went and picked up a Canon 60D. I was a Canon shooter way back so the controls were fairly easy to pick up. I must say that I’m pretty impressed with this camera. I have large hands and the camera feels great to hold. The D7000 always felt small to me so I had to put a grip on it but the Canon 60D has a size and weight that fits me well.

The image quality has been better than expected and I really like the swivel screen for shooting video. The camera also has a 720P @ 60 FPS mode which the Nikon did not have. This mode is great for shooting action and then being able to slow it down in a video editor.

The kit lens(18-135)  also suprised me. It’s slow and a bit noisy but has delivered some nice, crisp images so far.

I have a huge investment in Nikon bodies, lenses and flash units and will continue to use this setup for my work like portraits and weddings but believe there is a place in my bag for the 60D. Besides, now I have a reason to re-buy some of my favorite Canon L lenses like the 135 F2. 

Below is a short (and goofy) action video I took over the weekend to test out the 720p 60fps mode of the 60D.


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