Road trip: Day 3 – Success!

After 3 days and 1250 miles we finally made it to Vegas. This trip was a blast and the car performed like a champ. Since we were heading south I did manage to get a nice suntan on only one side of my face. Sweet look!

We made sure to plan our route so we could visit the famous ET Highway in Nevada down route 375. The only unidentified objects out there were the police cars… 😦

Here is our day 3 video highlights, some maps of the journey and some pics:

Seattle to Vegas

See Mike Drive:

See Mike Drive fast:

See Mike drive too fast. Mikey got a ticket:

Thought about staying in the scary clown motel in Tonepah:

ET Highway: Look I think I see one!

Vegas at last:

For more pics click here.


3 Responses to Road trip: Day 3 – Success!

  1. chris Nelson says:

    That Alien should be your Halloween costume!

  2. Shari says:

    Breakin the law, breakin the law….Hey, bring us back some of that nice alien jerky. Do they taste like chicken??

  3. Mike says:

    I would have liked to have tried the alien jerky. I bet it is stringy. 🙂

    Chris, I wish I could put the 30 foot alien in front of my house!

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