Transworld Haunted Attraction Show 2014

A few props, masks and animatronics that were shown at the Transworld Haunted Attraction Show in March 2014.

This event showcases merchandise for the Halloween and haunt industry.

Nikon D600 Time Lapse

A quick video to test the Time Lapse feature in the Nikon D600 (not the intervalometer) that will automatically combine the images in camera and output a video file (. MOV). Used with the Nikon 18-35mm lens.

This was shot through a hotel window in Denver so image quality is slightly degraded.

Kauai Lighthouse

Kauai Lighthouse by Michael Klee (mkleephoto)) on
Kauai Lighthouse by Michael Klee

This was from an sunrise hike I took on the island of Kauai.

Honolulu Hawaii

Honolulu Hawaii

Honolulu skyline at night.



Our normal holiday gatherings always include and action shot or two!

Bright Stars

Here’s a starry landscape photo that I shot in Eastern Washington in May of 2012. I had forgotten I had even taken this pic until I came across it today.

Bright stars by Michael Klee (mkleephoto) on
Bright stars by Michael Klee

Halloween props and decorations…

Halloween is almost upon us! Each year we spend a great deal of time creating props and building scenes for our annual party.

Here is a quick video to display some of the props and effects we set up last year.

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